Collaborative reflection

Draw your MOOC

Draw your MOOC, or the element / event you want to talk about
Walk around, show your drawing, find 3-4 people with similar interest, form a group.

Share a design narrative

Share your experience of educational innovation.

Three hats

One tells a story, one takes notes (using design narrative template), one interrogates.

Share a proto-patterns 

Identify context-problem-solution triplets.

Map the patterns

Identify links, and create a graphical index of the emerging pattern language

Pattern refinement

Complete all sections of your patterns.

Design Conceptualisation

Your Dream MOOC

You are given $500,000 to run a MOOC - what will it be?

Personas and Transitions

Design for someone, design for change..

Lay the foundations

A building is only as solid as its foundations..

Design Scenarios