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Design Narrative

A design narrative is a semi-structured story that illuminates a particular attempt to address a complex challenge. It can be told from the view (and in the voice) of the designer, or the user (the learner or teacher, in the case of learning design). A design narrative recounts an incident where the designer attempted to bring about a change in the user's world. It details the context of this incident, the objectives of the design and the user, the actions they took and their result, the obstacles they encountered and how they dealt with them.
You can read more about design narratives at: and in the papers below. You may find the embedded presentation helpful, as well as this example:

Your task

  1. Recall an (educationally) interesting event in which you were involved as a MOOC designer or participant.
  2. Register on the ILDE (
  3. In the top left menu, select "New LdS -> Conceptualize -> Design Narrative"
  4. Give your design narrative a meaningful name, enter as much details as you can.
  5. Publish it.
  6. Share a link and a tagline to the event's googleplus page
You can browse the existing design narratives in ILDE to get a sense of what we're looking for.


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Additional Examples

Some examples from Cloudworks: