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Map the patterns

  1. Register on (or your favourite on-line diagramming tool)
  2. Create a diagram called "pattern map" and share it with your team
  3. Create a node for each pattern you want to include in your map
  4. Create nodes of a different shapes for supporting design narratives, principles, theories, etc.
  5. Move the nodes around, and create named connectors between them to note semantic / structural / other links.
  6. Embed the map in ILDE:
    • Choose New LdS -> Conceptualize -> Other conceptualizations
    • Click the "Source" button at the top left
    • Enter the code: <iframe width="100%" height="600" src="--url--of--your--map--"> </iframe>
    • tag it "pattern map", and any tags relevant to your project
    • save, set a licence, and publish.
  7. Review other teams' maps, comment on them, and consider what you can learn from them and update yours.