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Pattern refinment

In order to move patterns from their initial state to a form in which they are ready to be used and trusted by others, they need to be scrutinised, reviewed, and refined. Refinement includes several processes:
  • Articulate: ensure that the pattern text and supporting media communicate the main ideas effectively and accurately.
  • Elaborate: expand the text to a sufficient level of detail for a practitioner not familiar with the original cases to replicate the success encoded in this pattern. Include enough detail for critical readers to scrutinise and evaluate your pattern.
  • Refactor: Is the pattern too broad? Split it up. Is it too specific? Generalise. Does it have a significant overlap with other pattern? Extract the common elements as a separate pattern, and refer to it.
  • Evidence: Provide empirical support for this pattern.
  • Explain: Provide theoretical support for this pattern.
The pattern template in ILDE includes a support document which outlines an extended version of the basic pattern template. Copy and paste sections from this template to your main text, and use them as guidelines for developing your pattern.
Identify existing design narratives or external reports (papers, presentations, technical reports) to use as examples that evidence your pattern.
Use your pattern map to help you refactor your patterns.